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The "Original" Handmade Wrought Iron Wine Racks - Studio Direct 

Hanging Wrought Iron Wine Rack
Wall Vine Rack  #1- $109.00
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Pick Wine From Your Vine
Dinner without wine is like a painting without a frame.  Wine must be supported so that it can flourish.  The Vine Rack is a unique, hand made wrought iron wine rack; a frame for wine.

These handmade wrought iron wine racks will compliment any home décor. The unique design of these metal wine racks gives the look of picking your wine bottle right from the vine.  This wine display allows you to display and store your wine properly, either hanging flush to the wall, suspended from the ceiling  or within a floor stand.   Either way your wine collection is sure to attract attention. 

Because each wine rack is handmade, they can be customized to compliment any décor and taste.  You choose the style, the color, and the number of 750-ml bottles you want to display.  I also have designs that will hold both wine bottles and wine glasses.

These metal wine racks make great gifts for any wine collector.  Prices start at only $60.00, plus shipping.  Contact us today to order your own Vine Wine Rack.  

Collecting wine is an art and your collection should be displayed as such.  These uniquely crafted wrought iron wine racks do just that.  

Hanging Wrought Iron Wine Rack

Hanging Wrought Iron Wine Rack

Wall Vine Rack #2 - $79.00
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Vine Rack with holder for glasses #3 - $65.00
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