Welcome Wine Lovers

The History Behind Mr. Vinerack ®

I owned a liquor store in Williamstown New Jersey. I gave the customers who asked, commercially made items I received from Beer, Liquor and Wine Distributors. Wine racks, mirrors, T-Shirts, posters, hats, and concert tickets. Commercial wine racks are made of steel wire and not very artistic, however, the male customers took them home . Certainly not a hit with the wifes’ decor at home. Not decorative or attractive I was told.

Another reason was the wine racks were unstable on carpet. While discarding wine racks that came back to the liquor store, and there were alot, the idea to make the Vine Rack came to me. An attractive wine bottle holder that has a trunk and limbs. An aesthetic wine rack storage system from steel that will not fall over, will fit any room and takes up no floor space.  Something not to be bumped into or have pointy sharp edges that can cut you, and it has to be out of the way. Not in a walking path, near steps or doors. The creative juices were burning. And the VINE RACK was born!


The Learning Process

Now that I had the idea, how do I get started?   How do I learn to make wrought iron wine racks?  I began by asking my customers,  welders, craftsman and equipment suppliers.  A professional welder from Williamstown, NJ,  taught me welding techniques, how to weld blind with a helmet, and loaned me the Lincoln Stick Welding machine.  When I became a more accomplished welder I explored other forms of welding; Mig Welding.  I bought the Mig and was taught  how to use it.  Stephanie Wisenauer is the genius behind the the web site and can be contacted at sdubdesigns@gmail.com for website inquiries. She has been graciously donating her professional time helping me.  Guests at the www.mrvinerack.com web site are the beneficiary of her work.   Hobart Welding Products published my craft in the Hobart Welding Institute magazine,” World of Welding”.


Trademarked Designs

Once I finalized my idea, ordered the supplies and gained the experience needed all that was left was to patent my design. Mr. Vinerack® wine rack designs as well as the name are all trademarked and you won’t find anything like them around!